Introducing M. Martin. When Alex Gilbert began daydreaming about launching a new sportswear brand, she had legacy on her mind. Her own legacy, as a founder of the seminal Paper Denim & Cloth. The legacy of her family: Gilbert’s grandparents, Martin and Minna, started their own fashion business in the midst of World War II. Then there was the legacy of American sportswear itself—the un-fussy yet authoritatively soigné look of Bonnie Cashin and early Calvin Klein.

M. Martin carries all those legacies into the future. Launched with Gilbert’s friend and fellow fashion-lifer Jennifer Noyes, and named in honor of Martin and Minna, M. Martin updates the midcentury American sportswear aesthetic for a new generation. These are clothes for grown-ups, confident women who express elegance through a sense of ease. Durable, modern-day staples that can be worn and re-worn any which way. This is forever style, with a contemporary twist.

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July 14 2015