Albert Mendez
Stylist at Kick Pleat Austin

How would you describe your personal style? 
It's a mixture of things dependent upon my mood... or if I wake up late. I use fashion as a medium for expression, so if I'm feeling Jedi-Monk vibes or Scandinavian Librarian, that's how I'll walk out of the door.

What are some styling tips you give to your clients that you can share? 
If you work with me I'll probably say "tuck in the side to show that waist, and then roll up the sleeve" at least 3 times.

What are a few of your favorite brands at KP and why? 
MM6 and Nehera are probably two of my favorites. I enjoy MM6 because the duality of conceptualism and luxury, I'm also a big sucker for deconstructionism. I enjoy Nehera because if I ever started my own line, it would essentially be the same thing.

What would you never wear and why? 
Flip flops, they make me look like I have Hobbit feet... and I'm not opposed to being a Gollum doppelgänger, but sometimes we have to be honest with ourselves.

What is the most important part of working with your clients?
Empowerment. What we do here at Kick Pleat is not dressing you for an event, but dressing you for life. I know that sounds over the top, but when you start viewing clothing as an extension of yourself rather than a decoration for yourself you'll understand the importance of buying something that allows you freedom, and comfort, and timelessness.

What is your favorite KP purchase and why? 
I have a coat by Suzanne Rae that is essentially a massive blanket, and every time I wear it people giggle at me because I'm basically 2 feet tall wrapped in this enormous black jacket, but whenever I put it on I feel like Darth Vader pre-op, turned fashion lover, and it is honestly such a great feeling.

Who are your style inspirations?
Everyday women. Women I see in passing, women I see grocery shopping, women waiting at the crosswalk. I'll take the idiosyncratic woman over a fashion model any day.

Albert's Outfit — Moderne's  Studio Turtleneck, Jil Sander's Djerba Jacket