Ashley Gannett
Stylist at Kick Pleat Austin

How would you describe your personal style? 
Ever changing (but always thoroughly saturated with black). I think the best part of getting dressed everyday is the ability to take on whatever vibe you’re feeling that day with clothing-everyday holds the opportunity to play dress-up.

What are some styling tips you give to your clients that you can share? 
Every piece you purchase—even the basics—should be something that when you look at your closet, you are excited about wearing. Don’t buy anything if it doesn’t make you feel good. Also, nothing can transform the look of a button-up blouse like a good sleeve zhuzh.

What are a few of your favorite brands at KP and why? 
Issey Miyake, first and foremost, because every piece is like a work of art. Christian Wjinants for when you need a show-stopper. Kowtow and Cotton Citizen for the best, everyday basics.

What would you never wear and why? 
Anything that is too “girly”, polka dots, frills, baby doll waistlines-I end up looking like an overgrown toddler. Also, an empire waist and yellow will never work on me. 

What is the most important part of working with your clients?
Forming a true connection with them. In order to dress someone the way they want and need to be outfitted, it is important to understand what makes them “tick”. When my clients come in to the store, it feels like a treat. My day flies by, it’s like hanging out with my friends all day.

What is your favorite KP purchase and why? 
An oversized navy Suzanne Rae jacket. Instant “cool-girl” outerwear. It is the most effortless thing I own, it can be thrown over jeans and a tee just as easily as it can be worn over a dress. Suzanne called the store once and I completely fan-girled over it to her.

Who are your style inspirations?
French women, in general, always. Our owner Wendi, the literal, ultimate KP gal. Lastly, real women. The women of Austin (specifically our clients) have an amazing ability to balance how generally casual everyone dresses here while keeping their looks interesting and aspirational.

Ashley's Outfit — Christian Wijnants Silk Dress