Ashley Gordon
Stylist at Kick Pleat Austin

How would you describe your personal style? 

My style was once described to me as “ the cool art teacher”, and I think that said it best. My style is reflective of my personality, and when it comes to my everyday wardrobe I prefer to be comfortable and relaxed with an eye for detail and a fondness for the unexpected. I love playing with color and texture without going over the top. I’m all about versatility and experimenting with different ways to outfit pieces. In my opinion, the key to style and getting the most out of your wardrobe is having a connection with it. 

What are some styling tips you give to your clients that you can share? 

Be true to yourself but don't be afraid of contradiction. I believe that “comfort is key” but don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. Its okay to say “that’s not my style” but don’t be closed off to trying new things. Dare to be bold but always be authentic. You know what they say, higher risk means higher reward but at the same time taking risks shouldn't mean sacrificing yourself. The most important thing is to feel good when you walk out the door.

What are a few of your favorite brands at KP and why? 

I would have to start with Rachel Comey because I admire her boldness and sophisticated playfulness. I love Miranda Bennett not only for her collection's wearablity but also for her design ethos. Her pieces are versatile, seasonless, and committed to ethical practices and environmental responsibility, which is truly inspirational. Issey Miyake is another favorite because each piece is so special yet totally approachable. I love how the garments come to life when worn, moving along with the wearer. I also love Gabriela Artigas because I want every single piece that comes in - simple as that. The collection is truly for anyone who believes that life should be sprinkled with beautiful little details. I could honestly go on forever sharing what I love about each brand we carry, so next time you see me all you have to do is ask.

What would you never wear and why? 

This is a tough one… I try not to rule anything out, especially since I’ve probably said I would never get on board with a lot of things I ended up wearing and loving. I said I’d never wear high-waisted culottes and what do you know, that became a staple in my wardrobe. I said I’d never be caught dead in paisley, kitten heels, and the thought of cardigans made me turn up my nose in disgust. This is no longer the case. As a teenager, I actually made my mom throw away several pairs of vintage Levi’s and now mom jeans are my go-to. 

What is the most important part of working with your clients?

Honesty. As a stylist, trust is of utmost importance and without honesty there can be no trust. Honesty and integrity are principles that I try to hold invariably, at work and life in general. In any relationship it is important to be honest with others as well as yourself.

What is your favorite KP purchase and why? 

My long linen jacket from Horses Altelier, which surely comes as no surprise to my coworkers and friends due to how many times I have worn it. It goes with almost everything and has the ability to elevate a simple outfit to the next level, not to mention it kind of makes me feel like a boss.I probably tried it on a dozen times, and each time it made me feel complete - cliché as it sounds - so I knew that it needed to come home with me and be a part of my life.  

Who are your style inspirations?  

I would have to say that Jane Birkin is #fashiongoals, hands-down, forever and always. I know I probably stand with millions on this, and I could try and find some obscure alternative in sight of originality but lets be real- she is the ultimate when it comes to looking effortlessly chic at all times, exuding a carefree confidence whether she’s donning disco pants or denim. Her style says “I’m living life and feeling good”. She’s laid back luxury meets tomboy femininity. She’s endless summer in a long fur coat. Queen of t-shirts, mini dresses, and perfectly wrinkled button downs -  she forever holds the throne of cool-girl style. 

Ashley's Outfit — Veronique Leroy, Gather Necklace Top in Chestnut