Kick Pleat VIP

Welcome to our exclusive annual program, reserved for our (very) special customers. We look forward to making your shopping experience as personal and enjoyable as it can be in 2017. Thank you for continuing to choose Kick Pleat time and time again.

Let us know if you have any questions about the VIP Program.

Sincerely —Wendi and the KP Team



  • For the amount spent in one quarter, you’ll receive 5% back in store credit for the following quarter.

  • On your birthday, celebrate with 20% off one item. 

  • Access to the store and our staff for private events and parties. 

  • Exclusive previews of our new designers and collections.

  • 5 Friend-of-a-Friend discount cards to give to a few special women.



  • Your VIP membership is active for one year, through December 2017.

  • VIP benefits can only be used by you, the original cardholder, except for your 5 Friend-of-a-Friend cards.

  • The 5 Friend-of-a-Friend cards must be used by another individual and cannot be redeemed by you.

  • Your 5% store credit expires at the end of each quarter and doesn't roll over to the next quarter. The dates for the 4 quarters for 2017 are:

    January – March 2017
    April – June 2017
    July – September 2017
    October –December 2017
    • At the beginning of each quarter, we will email you the amount that you will be receiving in store credit for the upcoming quarter.

    • If you wish to hold and event or party at the store, please give us as much notice as possible. You can email the store at or call us at 512.445.4500 (Austin) or 713.528.1112 (Houston).

    Although extremely unlikely, the benefits and details above are subject to change. If any changes are made, we will contact you immediately. Thank you!