Get to know: Lizzie Fortunato & Kathryn Fortunato of Lizzie...

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Get to know: Lizzie Fortunato & Kathryn Fortunato of Lizzie Fortunato Jewels.

Lizzie designs the line while Kathryn oversees sales and operations. Lizzie constructs a distinct narrative with each collection, naming each style, and often drawing on historical, artistic, and architectural references as she goes. The line has become synonymous with unique, ahead of the curve accessories that are influenced by fine art, travel, and artisanal craftwork. 


Who is the Lizzie Fortunato girl?

Lizzie: The Lizzie Fortunato girl is not defined by age or by trends. She invests in pieces that turn heads and tell a story. 

Kathryn: The Lizzie Fortunato girl is an adventurer, a storyteller and an original dresser.

What inspired you for your Fall 2015 collection?

Lizzie: Our adventures in Morocco! Travel always informs the line, but this season has a very real, tangible Moroccan influence — a dusty terra-cotta palette that reflects the hues of the outdoor markets and lots of shades of teal that mimic the reflecting pools and beautiful courtyards of the Riyads. 

Kathryn: A recent trip to Morocco. Two stories prevailed: part of the collection was inspired by the serenity and beauty of the indoor riyads with their exquisite tile work and reflecting pools. The other half of the collection was inspired by the rich hues of the crowded markets — strong silhouettes in burgundy, brass and dark green.

What is your uniform?

Lizzie: Hemmed jeans, loafers, and a long blazer.

Kathryn: Tailored clothing, almost always hemmed. Apiece apart most days. 

Describe the aesthetic of your home.

Lizzie: Eclectic: A lot of found objects and textiles collected from my travels. There’s a lot of layering of artwork and throws and ceramics — keepsakes and artisanal reminders of all the places that we go that provide inspiration for the Lizzie Fortunato collection.

Kathryn: A mix of rustic and modern with an emphasis on good art. When I graduated college I bought a Robert Motherwell print and ever since have been proud to collect a small but growing body of work of artworks that I love.

What is your go-to beauty product?

Lizzie: Japanese hair wax — a must for my boy cut!

Kathryn: Hmm, Oil of Olay lotion and Nars bronzer. 

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