Meet the Designer:

Eunice Quan of Priory


Where do you gather your inspiration? 
My friends, our trips, and dinner conversations where everyone has drank just a bit too much.


What is your daily uniform?
Outdoor pajama's. As much comfort as I can get away with.
 Describe the aesthetic of your home. 
I am a maximalist at heart. My apartment is full of things I collect on trips or objects my friends have created. I thrive amongst these stories. 



What is your go to beauty product? 
1509 oil.
How do you maintain balance in your life? 
I daydream. I create narratives in my head and I live out 5 different lives while standing on the subway. It's something I used to do as a child and I just never stopped.
What is your idea of a perfect getaway? 

On a beach, where my cell phone does not work, with my loved ones, eating lobster. 



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 About Priory

Eunice Quan, a Vancouver native, co-founded Priory in 2011 with David Lin, Mei Liu and Armin Tehrani. Which was then the in-house brand of their small Canadian boutique, Board of Trade. The team ended up closing their boutique to focus all their attention on the clothing line. Now in their 8th season. The brand continues to produce carefully tailored, timeless pieces with a modern touch. The collection is manufactured in Vancouver with family-run local Canadian businesses. Fabrics are locally sourced on the west coast of Canada and the US.


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