Meet the Designer: Fabiana Pigna

Meet the Designer: Fabiana Pigna

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Meet the Designer
Fabiana Pigna

Who is the Fabiana Pigna customer?
A strong woman who appreciates a minimal approach to clothing and has a romantic attitude about the past.  

Where do you gather your inspiration?
I like to collect ideas from a million different places, the more eclectic it gets, the better it is for my brain. Almodóvar's kitschy movies from the early 90's, a rainy afternoon at Pasadena's Norton Simon Museum or the online customer library at the MET. Also, old music videos. I love Róisín Murphy, Björk, Patty Pravo, Soul Train footage... I can go on forever. I'm a YouTube junkie!

What is your daily uniform?
If I am in the studio working, then it is cropped jeans a beat-up sweatshirt and a pair of espadrilles. When I go out, however, I like to take my latest blouse prototype for a test drive. I'll wear it with minimal black trousers and a pair of second hand Robert Clergerie suede pumps. 

Describe the aesthetic of your home.
I am emotional about furniture and décor. Everything in my house has some sort of backstory or sentimental value. I tend to mix styles, it keeps things warm and inviting. Being from Venezuela, I like to collect colonial mementos and native saint sculptures from South America. I also love 1980's modernist Bauhaus revival, art nouveau artifacts, and a little bit of Danish modern here and there. 


What is your morning ritual?
Guzzle a big glass of water, play with my dog, get the coffee brewing and listen to NPR'S morning news with my husband while we make breakfast. After all is said and done, I dive in to my home studio, answer emails, and continue a pattern or sewing work that was left pending from the night before. 

How do you maintain balance in your life? 
I'm not sure if I really have figured that out yet! To keep my sanity, I take a couple of power walks with my dog throughout the day and try to have a sit down breakfast and dinner with my husband. We cook as much as possible, it helps us relax and decompress together. 


What is your ideal vacation spot? 
Japan is one of my favorite places in the world. Every time that I daydream of escaping somewhere, my mind keeps going back there. I get really restless on leisurely getaways and become bored after day 3. A vacation where there is a lot of urban exploring is ideal for me, and Japan is truly an explosion of the senses!

Inspirational imagery from Fabiana's instagram.



Fabiana Pigna is a Venezuelan fashion designer based in Los Angeles, California. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design at the Art Institute of California where she studied and worked under Oscar Carvallo. In 2014 she launched her line of tightly edited sculptural blouses, dresses and trousers with a casual minimalist tone.

"A clean line is a statement of intent, but when worn it can become an expression of self, of complex identity, of the blurred lines between masculinity and femininity." The collection is exclusively developed and produced in Los Angeles. 


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