Meet the Designer
Sofie D'Hoore 


Who is t
he Sofie D'Hoore customer? 

The women who buy my clothes are independent, active in the worlds of theatre, dance, architecture, and visual arts. They cherish this independence and have a certain practicality about them. They appreciate the fact that my designs are simple, comfortable and fit for everyday life.


Where do you gather your inspiration? 

I draw constant inspiration from the fields of art, culture, and history. I believe that curiosity and wonder are imperative when you’re in my line of work.

Describe the aesthetic of your home.

The best way to describe it would be empty and full of light. This should not come as a total surprise. Just like my designs, I want my home to exude liberty and freedom for my family and I to move around in.


What is your daily uniform?

My daily uniform consists of baggy pants, a white poplin top and a sweater in molleton or cashmere. I am constantly in and out of my own designs because I want to know how they feel and how I can move around in them.


What is your morning ritual? 

In the morning, I like to have a full continental breakfast while reading up on the news in the New York Times. The moment I leave for the studio, I become completely immersed in the collection I am working on—one of the reasons why I cherish this moment of quiet in the morning.


How do you maintain balance in your life? 

Every Friday afternoon, I say goodbye to my studio in Brussels. Before heading home, I take piano lessons to unwind. Then I am off to the seaside. Weekends consist of bicycle rides along the sea and doing handicrafts with my son. This balance between my work and my family life works surprisingly well. 


What is your ideal vacation spot? 

As I am working on new collections almost all year round, I rarely take long holidays. Instead I prefer to take day trips to different cities. This can be abroad but I take as much pleasure in returning to my hometown Antwerp, for example. What do I do? Get triggered by the surroundings, visit as many beautiful museums as the city has to offer. Time after time, I leave with so many new impressions and ideas.


 About Sofie D'Hoore

Sofie D'hoore was born in Belgium in 1962. She graduated with a degree in dentistry from the University of Leuven at the age of 22. But realized her heart was in fashion and enrolled at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts at Antwerp. She worked in Milan where she took the role as head of production for the Belgian line "Private Collection." Eventually D'Hoore started a company called Fashion Ink with business partner Chantaal Spaas and her namesake label launched in the Fall of 1992.

The line came to be known for it's purist minimalism and and simple modern look. While there are whimsical elements to some of Sofie's designs in terms of colors and geometric proportions; she retains a modern practicality to her clothing that is both sophisticated and easy to move in. 

Photos above by Jussi Puikkonen for Monocle.




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