Where do you gather your style inspiration? 
I would love to say I gather inspiration from my extensive travels but if I'm honest, my inspiration comes from late night instagram and pinterest trolling. :)

What is your favorite Kick Pleat purchase? 
It's so hard to choose but my Sophie Buhai choker is probably my favorite as I can put it on with anything and feel pretty fabulous.

What is important to you in terms of your personal style? 
I love unique pieces that are also comfortable and I have no problem admitting that most of my clothes can be worn throughout pregnancy and any other dramatic weight fluctuation. 

How would you describe the aesthetic of your home? 
I like to think of my space as inviting, personal, and contemporary. I really enjoy decorating so I'm constantly changing things around.

Do you have a vacation spot that you love? 
Harbour Island, Bahamas is my favorite place on the planet.

How do you spend your free time? 
Now I usually spend my free time trying to teach my one year old aerobics and drinking wine...(usually) not at the same time.

How do you maintain balance in your life?
I typically just vacillate between one extreme and the other and hope I land somewhere in the middle. Exercise helps (see answer above)!