Where do you gather your style inspiration? 
I draw inspiration from editorials from the 90's (think Calvin Klein), and a mixture of Parisian and British street style. 

What is your favorite Kick Pleat purchase?
My Mari Giudicelli Leblon Mules.

What is important to you in terms of your personal style? 
That it’s comfortable, minimal, stylish, and timeless all at the same time. I love pieces that look like art, like a structured shaped pant.

How would you describe the aesthetic of your home?  
Minimal, white on white, a mix of modern with some antiques sprinkled around. 

How do you spend your free time? 
Reading/listening to podcasts about alternative health, reading psychology articles, working out at the gym, yoga, listening to tons of music, searching for new music to listen to, and searching for my next thriller on Netflix.

Do you have a vacation spot that you love? 
Big Sur and Paris

How do you maintain balance in your life?  
I have ADHD and deal with anxiety so that dictates how I do things. I take it day to day. I make sure not to put too much on my plate so I don’t get overwhelmed. I’m a business owner, so if I have a lot of orders I will create my schedule for collaborations with other brands around that.